At KKS, we work with some of the world's leading organizations on bold and effective strategies that pave the way to a sustainable society. Applying our unique, research-backed approach, our international team of expert advisors works with corporations, foundations, NGOs and investors on sustainable strategies that deliver lasting impact.

What we do 

We combine academic insights with experience and expertise to build solutions that reshape markets. Whether it’s analyzing performance, undertaking specialist research or creating practical tools, our team of expert advisors can help.

We believe that delivering exceptional value comes from years of experience, supported by a wealth of knowledge. That's why we apply cutting-edge research to provide our clients with an information advantage.

Our mission is to enable clients to create long-term value through the integrated management of economic, environmental, social and governance factors. Our vision to reshape markets is global, and is founded upon the effective integration of all forms of capital - financial, human, natural, and social. 

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