Client Case Study

Sustainability Strategy

Corporate responsibility trends, reference examples and industry benchmark for Zurich Insurance Group


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Client profile


Zurich Insurance Group is one of the largest insurance groups in the world, employing around 54,000 people and serving customers in more than 170 countries. 

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Having successfully delivered their strategic corporate responsibility objectives for 2012-2015, Zurich wanted a roadmap for the next phase of action. The goal was to progress to the next level of corporate responsibility performance so they could take a leadership position in the space. 

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Our solution


Our team researched both cross-sector and industry-specific trends and developments in corporate responsibility. This enabled us to identify key megatrends that impact the insurance sector, and highlight market opportunities for Zurich. 

We developed a series of case studies featuring best practice in areas relevant to Zurich's aspirations. Using several datasets and insights, our team benchmarked Zurich against leading corporate responsibility programs and approaches.

Based on our findings, we provided Zurich with clear and actionable recommendations which balanced practical constraints with the strategic value creation potential for the company.


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