Sustainability Strategy

With our help, clients can make sustainability a core competency. By undergoing the transformation towards becoming a ‘Sustainable’ organization, clients can maximize profits while positively impacting society and limiting negative externalities. Our ground-breaking research, The Performance Frontier, demonstrates that by strategically focusing on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues which are the most relevant—or “material”—to shareholder value, firms can simultaneously boost both financial and ESG performance. By quantifying the relationship between financial gains and performance on sustainability issues, we assist clients with the major innovations required to push the performance frontier. 

Strategic Planning

We develop customized strategies and provide clear roadmaps for implementation. The result generates competitive advantages for our clients and informs effective resource allocation. Our strategic planning process identifies KPIs around core issues and measures performance towards specified targets. Our approach allows clients to capitalize on their strengths, and places a strong emphasis on delivery. 

Change Management

Change Management is a structured approach to the people side of organizational change. As change efforts have high failure rates and often encounter resistance, it is essential that the process is effectively managed in order to maximize resource allocation and achieve successful outcomes. We guide our clients through transformation processes, with a focus on critical elements around engagement, communication, training, business readiness, organizational design and impact assessment.

Operating Model

Organizations that successfully transform their operating model according to their needs can achieve efficiency, growth, and better financial performance. KKS Advisors designs operating models with the primary purpose of enabling execution on strategy. A central feature is the ability to communicate to internal and external stakeholders how the organization will work in the future - the Target Operating Model - and laying out exactly how organizational goals will be achieved from a process, people, and technology perspective. 

Branding Strategy

We help our clients define a results-driven brand positioning that is based on their most authentic, relevant and differentiated organizational capabilities. Our work begins with a brand audit, a comprehensive examination to assess the health of the brand. The findings of the audit together with our interactions with key stakeholders are gathered in a brand platform, a document that summarizes all the key elements that define the brand and becomes a reference that will guide brand identity, language and expression. Our team can also help build a verbal and visual identity, guaranteeing that verbal communication is clear, consistent and relevant to all key audiences, and that the visual communication is engaging and reflects the brand’s purpose and intent.



Strategy for Zurich Insurance Group

Having successfully delivered their strategic corporate responsibility objectives for 2012-2015, Zurich wanted a roadmap for the next phase of action. The goal was to progress to the next level of corporate responsibility performance so they could take a leadership position in the space. 

Strategic Planning for LASA

The Latin American Studies Association, the largest professional association in the world for individuals and institutions engaged in the study of Latin America wanted our support to develop a five-year strategic plan to support their growth.