Specialist Research

Is there a complex issue that is challenging for your organization to understand? Perhaps you are aware of an emerging trend that presents an exciting business opportunity, but need more information to be able to act. At KKS, we provide customized research to help our clients get ahead of the game, including for companies, investors, and NGOs. Our approach combines systems thinking with deep industry expertise, using a data-driven approach and leveraging our network of experts to provide valuable insights. We are always interested in undertaking new and challenging topics to which there are no existing solutions, as this is where we can bring the most value to our clients.



Specialist Research for the High Meadows Institute

KKS has served as the Research Advisor to the High Meadows Institute since 2016. 

Specialist Research on the Role of Investors in Supporting Better ESG Performance

Ceres and The Environmental Defense Fund engaged KKS to understand what best practice looks like in different investor-corporate engagement strategies.

Specialist Research on B-Corp Certification for Stewart Investors

Stewart Investors sought a research partner to help them understand the global rise of the B Corp movement, and to identify barriers and solutions to more publicly listed companies becoming B Corps or Benefit Corporations.

Specialist Research on Corporate Purpose for Generation Foundation

Many companies are now seeking a way to signal their purpose; their reason for being beyond profits. Investors are thus wanting a clearer idea of what “purpose” actually means. For this project, Generation Foundation sought assistance with a research focused on the value of corporate purpose, and how articulating authentic purpose manifests in different forms.