Client Case Study

Sustainable Investing

ESG Data and Analytics for S&P Global

 Client profile

S&P Global is a leading financial data and analytics company, headquartered in New York City. They provide global rankings of company performance based on financial and non-financial data.

The challenge

As demand for ESG investing grows, so does the need for good quality data. S&P Global wanted to address some of the key challenges with the current ESG data landscape: relevance, completeness and backward looking nature.

Our solution

We helped S&P global with the development of the new generation of ESG data and analytics while making sure that some of the key challenges are addressed. In order to make ESG data relevant, we based our models and assumptions on financial materiality. We leveraged multiple data sources and imputation techniques to ensure completeness. To change the backward looking information contained in the current ESG data due to reporting cycles, we developed new frameworks that assess how intentional companies are with their commitments to ESG.