Client Case Study

Corporate Reporting

OPAP Integrated Report 2018


Client profile

OPAP (Organization of Football Prognostics S.A.) is the leading gaming company in Greece and Cyprus and the exclusive operator of all Numerical Lotteries, Sports Betting games and Horseracing Mutual betting. The company was established in 1958 and was listed on the Athens Exchange in 2001. OPAP is also the exclusive operator of the Passive Lotteries and Instant Win Games (SCRATCH), as well as Video Lotteries Terminals (“VLTs”) in Greece.

The challenge

The client sought help in preparing their 2018 Integrated Report—their 3rd Integrated report so far. The goal was to help the client concisely communicate and combine both financial and non-financial information, at the same time demonstrating their performance as a “responsible” employer.

They required expertise in concisely articulating their overarching model for creating value, enhancing their accountability and stewardship in relation to their material issues and effectively showcasing their corporate responsibility practices and initiatives.

Our solution

Building on recognized international standards in sustainability reporting, we made tailored recommendations for OPAP on how they could effectively communicate the financial and non-financial information to investors and other stakeholder groups, to demonstrate the quality of their strategy and their ability to create value.

We based our recommendations on the standards outlined in the International Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework and the GRI Standards. We assisted in capturing the company’s business model together with its relevant “Capitals” (financial, natural, human, etc.) and improved the quality of information available.

Key outcomes

This was OPAP’s first integrated report that embraced the recommendations of the IR Framework. The report received positive feedback from senior management and stakeholders, providing greater transparency on the company’s business issues and performance.