Client Case Study

Strategy | Impact Investing

Developing an Impact Investing Strategy for National Geographic Society


Client profile

National Geographic Society is a world-leading environmental and cultural organization. For over 100 years, they have shed light on scientific discoveries, natural wonders, obscure communities, and challenging societal problems. 

The challenge

National Geographic Society wished to develop an impact investing strategy, to build on their historic leadership and continue to push solutions forward. They wanted to increase the speed and sale of the change it desires by catalyzing new sources of capital to drive solution sets to address some of the greatest challenges facing our planet. They identified specifically that a large gap exists between venture philanthropy and concessionary impact investing, and that they had the influence, expertise and capital to play a larger leadership role in filling this gap.

Our solution

KKS were engaged by National Geographic Society  to articulate their potential leadership role in the impact investing field and to develop an implementation plan.

Key outcomes

The strategy enables National Geographic to play a defining role in bridging the gap between philanthropy and impact investing. This involved a landscape analysis and interviews to understand where National Geographic Society’s assets and leadership would add value to the field and a recommendation of where to start, including target areas for investing and potential governance structures for the effort.