Impact Investing

Impact Management

Various types of entities—ranging from corporates to NGOs to impact investing funds—produce positive impact. There are many benefits to reporting on that impact, including: improving employee retention or morale, attracting additional funding, improving sustainability scores, and lowering the cost of capital. We work with clients to help them to identify, measure and report on the impact for their various stakeholders.

There are numerous impact reporting standards, frameworks, and tools, leaving many organizations confused about where they should begin. We help our clients better understand the components of a good impact measurement and management system, guiding them to solutions that satisfy marketplace standards and are effective and efficient.

KKS can also provide independent verification of impact, in line with the IFC principles (Principle no. 9). 

Impact Investing Strategy

Impact investing can be a transformative force for society, but it currently pales in comparison to traditional investing. In order to catalyze more capital towards impact, KKS works with clients who want to use the power of the capital markets to produce impact. We work to:

  • Develop theories of change

  • Apply systems thinking

  • Source and research potential investments

  • Perform impact due diligence

  • Develop impact metrics and reporting

  • Monitor investments

We also work on end-to-end strategy development for organizations seeking to establish impact investing practices. 

SDG Alignment

Impact investors are increasingly seeking to align their capital with investments that intend to produce social and environmental impact in accordance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We work with asset owners and asset managers to assess their impact of their investments on the SDGs and provide customized advice on impact investing strategies and solutions.

Our team and expert network have extensive knowledge of how alignment with the SDGs operates as a financially material issue. See The Relationship between Investor Materiality and the Sustainable Development Goals by Costanza Consolandi, among others.


It can be difficult to know how to integrate the SDGs into your business model. In partnership with Costanza Consolandi, a leading expert in SDG materiality, KKS has developed tools and methods to help organizations:

  • Determine which SDGs are financially material to their business models.

  • Define relevant KPIs and reporting frameworks

  • Develop strategies for leadership on industry-specific goals




Impact Measurement for Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation's Revalue Ecosystems team was looking for a Strategy Partner to structure a learning agenda for their grant portfolio, to critically review and track the influence of the grantees' work.

Impact Investing Strategy for National Geographic Society

KKS worked with National Geographic Society to develop their Impact Investing 2.0 Strategy, building on their historical leadership. The strategy focused on how National Geographic could play a defining role in bridging the gap between philanthropy and impact investing.

A Mission Aligned Framework for Investing

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation engaged KKS Advisors to help them to understand how their mission-driven investments were contributing to their overall mission of “supporting children, families and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society.”