Marina Petrova


Marina is an Associate at KKS primarily working in the areas of sustainable development and corporate governance reporting. She is interested in projects on integrated reporting and ways of promoting environmental and sustainable development at national level. Marina is a recent University of Oxford graduate in Global Governance and Diplomacy. In her master’s degree Marina focused her research on the application of drone warfare in modern counterinsurgency and counterterrorism campaigns. She holds her undergraduate degree from the University of Essex in International Relations. Her research is primarily concentrated on developing countries, more specifically in Latin America, Central Asia and the MENA region. While her main area of expertise is conflict and security, Marina has worked extensively on economic development, democratization and state building in countries in transition. She worked for “Hope for Children” UNCRC Policy Center in Cyprus where she established a life-long concern about human rights, especially children’s rights. Marina has participated in various conferences and training programs related primarily to peace building and economic development.

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