Kathleen Miller Perkins

Kathleen Miller Perkins, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of  Miller Consultants, a management consulting firm that has been in business for 34 years.  The company's focus is on  aligning organizational  goals and strategies with employees’ needs and concerns.  Kathy’s national and international clients work collaboratively with her and her company to strengthen their organizational capabilities for long-term sustainability.  Her  clients include Toyota Motor Manufacturing, IBM, General Electric, Lexmark International, Dow Chemical, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ashland Chemical, the U.S. Military, BC Hydro, and many others.

In addition to her consulting work, she partners with universities and other research organizations. She is firmly committed to conducting rigorous research in topics that will yield  practical uses  to practitioners.  Her research which is  related to leading, facilitating and managing organizational transformations and change, focuses  on the relationship between organizational culture and sustainability.   She has developed and tested  the SCALA™ , an on-line assessment tool that measures how company culture and leadership are positioned to support sustainability strategies.  Currently she is engaged in research on the role of the Corporate Sustainability Officer in corporations, and organizational culture and sustainability in global  financial institutions.  She has coauthored a chapter on this research with George Serafeim from the Harvard Business School.  The chapter will appear in a book on sustainability and organizational change to be published by Oxford University Press in the first quarter of 2015.  

Her publications include the book  Retraining the American Workforce, and articles for both academic journals and  practitioner- oriented journals and magazines including   MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Press, Inside Supply Management, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance (published by Morgan Stanley), and Journal of Corporate Citizenship.