Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance for Sustainability

Most of the world’s largest corporations now oversee sustainability at the board level, indicating that sustainability is a new strategic necessity. We help corporate boards to integrate sustainability at the board level by focusing on the governance practices that are most effective in driving better sustainability performance. Informed by our cutting-edge research on governance for sustainability, we help boards to develop a strategic approach to oversight of the most relevant sustainability issues. Our work includes assisting with the development of board committees and charters, enhancing board composition and skills to facilitate effective sustainability oversight, and advising on incentive schemes linked to key performance indicators.

Customized Research

Sustainability challenges like climate change, water scarcity and human rights violations put people, the planet, and the global economy at risk; corporate boards have a critical role to play in driving the solutions we need to tackle these challenges with urgency and at scale.

So how can corporate boards oversee their companies in a way that ensures they are leading the way on sustainability?

We help our clients understand which aspects of governance for sustainability are most linked to enhanced sustainability and ultimately financial performance, through our high quality research and data analytics.

Corporate Policies

We help clients develop corporate policies that outline a commitment to sustainability and establish key principles and expectations of sustainability performance. With our help, clients can implement effective policies on core business areas including: sustainable development, corporate responsibility, human rights, business ethics, sustainable procurement, and supply chain management.

Corporate Board Training / Workshops

The governance layer of a corporate—the ‘G’ in ESG—has an extremely important role to play in creating and driving a sustainability strategy. However, oftentimes a corporate board has little sustainability expertise or knowledge. We work confidentially with corporate boards and investor relations teams to explain the full spectrum of the ESG marketplace, from data to investor strategies, and help educate them on material issues relevant to their business operations to help mitigate risk, drive value creation and establish accountability.



Integrated Governance for UNEP FI

The UNEP FI sought to better understand how corporate governance interacts with sustainability. They asked for our support in identifying which governance practices promote a durable culture of sustainability within firms.

Sustainability Governance for Ceres

Ceres wanted to understand the corporate governance practices of the world’s largest companies, and the extent to which they integrate sustainability at the board level.

ESG Policy and Engagement Guidelines

We worked with a fund manager who wished for more guidance into how their assets contributed to environmental, social, and governance issues. We created the ESG policy, proxy voting guidelines and annual stewardship report for them.