Convenings & Facilitation

Sustainability Convenings

We work with various types of clients to help them plan sustainability-themed convenings and conferences. We have a wealth of experience in:

  • Bringing together thought leaders and practitioners for meaningful and actionable discussions 

  • Organizing and creating content for a variety of different sustainability-themed events

  • Help clients to establish ideal partnerships that deliver on their strategic objectives

Case study: The Rockefeller Foundation Round Table on ‘ESG: From point solutions to systems change’

KKS Advisors hosted a Round Table for 31 executive-level leaders focused on sustainability, to discuss how ESG can move from ‘point solutions to systems change’. The event was attended by diverse capital market representatives, including from institutional investors (e.g., BlackRock, State Street, Deutsche Bank, and Calvert), companies (Walmart, Nestle, Amgen, etc.), NGOs (e.g., Ceres and EDF) and data providers (e.g., MSCI). Six of the participants were recently named by Barron’s in their list of the 20 most influential people in ESG investing, a testament to the power of the KKS Advisors network.