Sophie Lawrence

Senior Associate

Sophie is a senior associate at KKS Advisors, working primarily to advise large organizations on how to rethink their approach towards impact valuation. In this way, Sophie helps investors, foundations and NGOs to look beyond outputs and deliverables, and consider how they can communicate their wider impact to their key stakeholders.

Sophie has a deep expertise in the B Corporation movement and in how companies, foundations and investors can create value and generate positive impacts from integrating sustainability into their core business strategy and decision-making. As part of this work, she is the strategic advisor to a leading US foundation where she has developed a series of impact assessment tools to measure the impact (beyond outputs) of their diverse portfolio of grantees. She passionately believes in the potential of advancing this field to empower the business community to direct funds and resources towards sustainable development.

Prior to joining KKS Advisors, Sophie was a research associate at B Lab UK whilst studying her MSc, conducting research into how global B Corporations are integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into strategy. She is still actively involved in this work and is currently taking KKS Advisors through the certification process to become a B Corp. She previously worked at Barclays, leading organization design and strategy projects for diverse business lines.

Sophie holds an MSc in Environmental Technology (Business and Environment) from Imperial College London and a BSc in Geographical Sciences from the University of Bristol.

Published work:

Sophie regularly contributes to the KKS Insights blog. To stay up to date with Sophie’s latest thinking, you can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.