Dylan Rees-Williams



Dylan is an associate consultant at KKS Advisors. He specializes in sustainable development across corporations, NGOs and financial institutions. Dylan's work includes conducting targeted research and analysis, performing data collection and analysis around ESG issues, and providing strategic guidance. 

Dylan’s expertise lies in analyzing the management of water risks in emerging markets, as well as the agricultural supply chains of companies. As part of this work, Dylan conducts sell-side research for investment funds, collecting and analyzing data across multiple companies and industries to provide an overall assessment of water risk exposure. Dylan firmly believes that effective management of water resources is crucial now more than ever. 

Dylan gained previous consulting experience during his time as a market analyst at a leading consultancy in Chile. He provided market representation in both Chile and Colombia for potential US investors, and worked on cases in the Biotechnology and Consumer Goods sectors. Dylan also worked at the Banham group where he successfully installed an energy management system for the company, gaining ISO certification as a result.

Dylan holds a bachelor of science in International Management and Spanish from the University of Bath.

Published work: