Christina Rehnberg


Christina is an associate consultant at KKS Advisors. Experienced in econometric analysis and impact assessments, she helps clients understand the data behind their sustainability strategy and advises on how organisations can communicate long-term strategic plans.

Currently, Christina is investigating the extent to which investors value and react to long-term plans delivered by CEOs. The work provides the first early evidence of the real-world impacts from delivering a long-term strategic plan, linked to capital market reactions to long-term information. Such evidence could kick-start a significant re-framing of the way companies and investors exchange information.

Christina has also recently worked with one of the largest health technology providers in the US to analyse and quantify their impact on society and the economy, as well as investigating the cost savings created.  

Prior to joining KKS, Christina completed her MSc Environment and Development at the London School of Economics and worked to develop a newly formed charity called Cities for Children, aiming to provide street children in Pakistan with access to education and a safe childhood. In addition, she gained research experience by working on projects for the agricultural industry in Europe, investigating the benefit of trade agreements and analysed tariff rate quota concessions.

During the course of her studies, Christina wrote her master’s thesis on Recycling Behaviour, with the goal of explaining the disparities in household recycling rates between different boroughs in London. She is very interested in the concept of a circular economy, and firmly believes in the crucial role that profitable business models with a circular design can play in the transition towards a more sustainable and efficient society.

Christina speaks Finnish and Swedish fluently and is conversational in Norwegian, Danish, and French. She also plays Handball for the London GD team, having represented Finland internationally in the past.

Published work:

Christina regularly contributes to the KKS Insights Blog. To stay up to date with Christina's latest thinking, you can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn..