Bronagh Ward

Senior Associate

Bronagh is a senior associate consultant at KKS Advisors. Combining experience in international business and entrepreneurship with expertise in corporate governance, Bronagh helps large corporations, global investors, major foundations and leading think-tanks align sustainability efforts with core business strategy.

Bronagh specializes in corporate purpose, developing strategies that embed social and environmental objectives in business models and help communicate the long-term value of sustainability to investors and key stakeholders. She has authored high-profile reports on opportunities for the private sector to contribute to sustainable growth, for example through the global ‘B Corp’ business movement. Combining new research with practice, Bronagh helps organizations improve sustainability performance and at the same time sustain growth. 

In her work, Bronagh has developed sustainability metrics that enhance decision-making, interviewed senior business executives, conducted strategic planning exercises, and helped produce annual sustainability reports. Bronagh is currently developing an innovative toolkit that will help water utilities leverage emotional motivators to increase customer engagement in sustainability issues.

Prior to joining KKS, Bronagh helped launch the start-up booking platform in Chile, which led the switch to online ticketing in the Latin American travel industry.

Bronagh holds a First-class BSc (Hons) degree in International Management and Spanish from the University of Bath, where she was awarded the Rohde & Schwarz Prize for the best placement performance.

Published work:

Bronagh regularly contributes to the KKS Insights Blog

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