Aliki Mavromoustaki

Data Science Expert

Aliki is the Lead Data Scientist at Tasman Analytics where she works closely with the Head of Data Science to define the product roadmap. In her role, she meets with customers to understand their needs and help them set up and train their own data science team equipped to make high-impact, data-driven decisions.

She has previously worked as a Data Scientist at Criteo, a global Adtech company where she designed, executed, and analyzed statistical experiments comparing company products and technologies.

Aliki holds a Ph.D in Fluid Dynamics from Imperial College London and completed a postdoctoral appointment as Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She has expertise in Optimization, Numerical Modeling, and Computational Mathematics.  Aliki also served as an academic mentor for research projects in industry at the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) where she worked on projects sponsored by Google LA and HRL Laboratories.