Client Case Study

Corporate Governance for Sustainability

Research Report for Ceres


Client profile

Ceres is a leading sustainability nonprofit that works with the most influential investors and companies to build leadership and drive solutions throughout the economy. 

The challenge

Ceres wanted to understand the corporate governance practices of the world’s largest companies, and the extent to which they integrate sustainability at the board level. The client sought to showcase the best practices that boards should adopt to enhance sustainability performance.

Our solution

Our team examined corporate governance practices of Forbes 500 companies, to provide a snapshot of current trends. We analysed corporate governance practices based on a set of key indicators such as board oversight, sustainability expertise of directors and whether remuneration is linked to sustainability performance. We found that certain board practices are linked to better sustainability performance, providing the first concrete evidence that sustainability should be a board-level priority.

Key outcomes

We published a report “Systems Rule: How Board Governance Practices Can Drive Sustainability Performance. The report is driving impact among key target audiences: