Why we are joining the global climate strike


What is the global climate strike?

Today is set to be the biggest day of global climate action the world has ever seen. For the first time, the growing school strike for climate movement has called on adults to stand in solidarity with them. The movement has grown in momentum over the last year, galvanised by the Swedish Activist Greta Thunberg, with more than 1.4 million young people, in 2,233 cities and towns and 128 countries joining their last day of global action.

The strike has gained widespread support from businesses, trade unions and individuals with over 500 businesses and 600 organisations in 150 countries joining the initial pledge of support and with protests planned in cities, towns and villages across the world. Lush, Patagonia, Burton, and other retailers are temporarily closing their stores and 6,000 websites are also striking on Friday, including Tumblr and Wordpress.

The student coalition is calling on Governments to declare a state of climate emergency and educate the wider public of the science behind climate change. They are also demanding changes to the school curriculum to include education around climate change.

Why are we supporting the strike?

At KKS we are working daily to reverse climate change, from educating our clients on climate risk and its impact on the financial system, to developing strategies that help purpose-led businesses succeed. We know we are achieving impact with our work but we understand that we are part of a broader network of stakeholders that also require a bold vision from governments. Climate change is a systemic issue that must be tackled from all angles, and we believe there is an urgent need for public mobilisation to show support for policy change.

How are we supporting the strike?

Today many team members at KKS will join the climate strikes in London. All employees that are taking part have taken steps to proactively manage their workload so there will be no impact on client work. Employees that are staying in the office will also be taking action within KKS, by stepping up climate action through mechanisms that we as a firm currently have leverage on. We will start by exploring options for a more sustainable pension provider (thank you to ShareAction’s Pension Power campaign for providing some inspiration). We have also coordinated a building-wide fire alarm in our co-working space that will take place at 1pm, to ‘raise the alarm’ for the climate emergency. Finally, we will be sharing information on the strike across our social media platforms to help raise further awareness.

Where can I find useful information on the climate strike?

  • Learn more about the global climate strike global climate strike and find your nearest strike

  • Free creative resources to help you show support for the strike