Anneli Tostar


Anneli is an Associate Consultant at KKS Advisors. Her work focuses on the systemic impacts that corporations and policies have on communities.

Although she now resides in London, Anneli has conducted research on the social and environmental impacts of development in multiple countries. Prior to joining KKS, Anneli studied transportation policy in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Stockholm, Sweden; food policy in New York City; natural resource management in Ecuador; and housing policy in Sweden. She has focused primarily on how policies and practices impact local communities and impede equitable distribution of resources. She also has a background in journalism, having written for a variety of publications including Sense & Sustainability. Anneli has worked in workplace consulting at the startup Vega Factor, and in spatial strategy consulting at the startup Human City.

Anneli recently completed her MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning & Design from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She graduated with honors from Harvard University, where she studied social anthropology and environmental science & public policy.

As a dual Swedish-American citizen, Anneli speaks fluent Swedish and conversational Spanish, Portuguese, and French. She also works as a freelance graphic designer and professional artist.