Sustainable Investing


ESG Integration

Recognizing that increased financial returns can go hand in hand with responsible business, investors are increasingly motivated to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors  into portfolio decisions. As trends such as impact investing have started becoming mainstream, many investors are seeking guidance on how to bring ESG factors into their financial models. KKS provides tailored investment solutions, which help clients to maximize portfolio performance and capture opportunities to reduce risks through sustainable investments. 

Engagement Practices

As investors become more sophisticated at ESG integration, they begin to see opportunities for improving the performance of their portfolio companies through engagement on these issues. Engagement can take the form of focusing on a specific company or participating in broader initiatives. Both require resources and so investors need to make careful and strategic choices about where to focus their efforts. They also need to be as effective as possible in doing so. KKS works with its clients to determine which engagement activities will be of most value to the firm in both strategic and financial terms. It then assists them in ensuring that these engagements produce the desired outcomes. KKS is intimately familiar with many of the most important collective engagement initiatives being sponsored by various groups and advises its clients on which of these would be most appropriate for their participation. 

Impact Investing 

KKS provides tailored consultancy services for clients who are interested in Impact Investing, or who wish to unlock the full potential for impact whist addressing the risks and challenges presented by this emerging practice.  Impact investing concerns an investment strategy that seeks to identify investments in organisations or projects that have the potential to create measurable social and/or environmental impact, along with financial returns. KKS helps clients to understand the risks and opportunities of impact investing, and provides expert consultations on implementation strategies. We also provide thought leadership around opportunities to scale impact investing, including building frameworks for program and investment managers to consider with regard to grant-making, Programme Related Investments and Mission Driven Investments. We are also at the forefront of relating impact investing to the wider investment ecosystem, through measuring both the direct and indirect consequences of impact investing. 



Integration of material ESG issues in quant investment models for Aviva Investors

Oct, 2013
The Aviva Investors equity quant team wanted to better understand if their proprietary quant model can be enhanced through the integration of environmental, social and governance data sourced and/or captured by their global responsible investment team