Sustainable Development


Sustainable Development for Nations and Organizations

We work with governments, policy makers, and organizations which promote Sustainable Development, helping our clients to achieve targets and create a legacy of social, economic, and environmental prosperity. We consider geographical, sectorial, and socioeconomic conditions in impact assessments and design bespoke tools for planning, monitoring, and evaluation processes. In particular, we have service offerings related to Green Growth policies and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 



Egypt's Sustainable Development Policy

Client need: Development of a National Sustainable Business Policy for Egypt on how to build the capacity of governmental institutions on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), raise awareness on CSR among business and other stakeholders and establish incentives fostering business to integrate CSR in their companies

Enabling Climate Change Adaptation

Client need: Understand how accountants from organizations in Canada are assisting with climate change adaptation, and explore the related risks and opportunities.