Corporate Governance & Reporting


Corporate Governance design

We align corporate governance with strategy, by designing mechanisms for effective board practices, relevant stakeholder input, and incentive schemes based on tailored performance metrics. KKS has developed methodologies to help companies maximize value during and after an Initial Public Offering (IPO), through increasing board effectiveness. KKS can also assist boards with shareholder activism, by providing board of directors the right tools to communicate their value creation process.

Corporate Reporting & <IR> Integrated Reporting

We develop a careful process for transparent disclosures and seek the appropriate balance between the disclosure of short-term and long-term metrics. Our team are pioneer researchers and expert practitioners the field of integrated reporting, an emerging practice which takes into account both financial and non-financial performance, and presents this combined information in a single document. 


Client Need: The UNEP FI wanted to examine how corporate governance interacts with sustainability and if it is possible to identify various governance indicators that are particularly effective in promoting a durable culture of sustainability within firms?