We help companies to define their unique value proposition and develop a business strategy which enables them to outperform the market. Our expertise helps clients understand the relationship between financial performance and sustainability performance, and how different forms of capital (including environmental, social, human, and natural capital) may relate to business decisions, dependencies, and impacts. 

Today, sustainability is a core competitive advantage. A strong body of research has shown that companies with structured Environmental, Social and Governance practices, also known as responsible companies, generate superior returns and value for all of their stakeholders. By doing so, they earn and maintain their ‘license to operate’ and build the most valuable, preferred and reputed brands. As ever increasing proportions of a company’s value are derived from reputation, sustainability offers an attractive solution to manage reputation risks and simultaneously boost performance. 



Zurich Insurance Group


Having successfully delivered their strategic Corporate Responsibility (CR) objectives for 2012-2015, Zurich wanted to define the next phase of action. The goal was to move the business to the next level of Corporate Responsibility performance and take a leadership position in the space. 
Our experts researched macroeconomic and industry-specific CR trends and benchmarked Zurich's performance against competitors. We helped Zurich understand the CR landscape and identify opportunities for leadership. Through identification of trends best practices for the insurance sector, we defined the necessary capabilities and strategic steps needed to establish Zurich as a leader in Corporate Responsibility.

The Performance Frontier: Innovating for sustainability