Bronagh Ward


Bronagh is an Associate Consultant at KKS Advisors, working primarily under the Sustainability Strategy and Corporate Governance and Reporting service lines. Bronagh has been involved in research and analysis, client delivery, and business development activities.

Bronagh specializes in Corporate Purpose, addressing key topics such as how businesses can embed purpose in their business model and communicate the long-term value of sustainability to investors and key stakeholders. Bronagh has conducted extensive research on topics such as the certification of corporate social and environmental performance and emerging corporate forms for purpose-driven businesses. Bronagh has also worked in strategic planning, operating model design and organizational development. She has assisted high profile clients in developing a strategic vision for the future and has developed frameworks for implementation. 

Bronagh holds a First-class BSc (Hons) degree in International Management and Spanish from the University of Bath, where she was awarded the Rohde & Schwarz Prize for the best placement performance. This prize recognized her high-impact work and commitment to entrepreneurship during her year-long role in Marketing and Business Development at Chilean tech start-up Voyhoy. Bronagh was a key member of the small team that launched Voyhoy, leading the switch from physical to online presence in the Latin American bus industry. Through this work, Bronagh developed expertise on entrepreneurship and strategy, and attended events hosted by Start-Up Chile and ASECH (The Association of Entrepreneurs in Chile), amongst others.

Bronagh regularly contributes to the KKS Insights Blog

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