Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy

We provide clients with creative strategies and tactics that generate preference for their brand. By defining precisely who they are, what they do, and for whom, our clients enhance their ability to engage and resonate with target audiences. We adopt a holistic approach, which seeks to align branding efforts with organisational strategy. This allows our clients to communicate the unique value of their offerings and establish a strong reputation which endures in the long term.

A word about brands

There are many ways to explain what a brand is, but perhaps the simplest one is to think of brands as “what people think of you, when you leave the room”. In other words, the impressions that remain after having contact with a person, product, service or company. Technically speaking, the brand is a strategic business asset that should be managed and put to work to create value for its owners. A valuable brand is authentic, relevant, differentiated and consistent. It is clearly understood by its audiences, driving their continuous preference, choice and recommendation for it. A strong brand is developed over time, and it all starts with a clear brand strategy and positioning.

Brand strategy and positioning

We help our clients define a results-driven brand positioning that is based on their most authentic, relevant and differentiated organizational capabilities. Our work begins with a broad, in-depth analysis of internal and external elements that characterize the organization, its stakeholders, audiences, competitive environment and market opportunities. From this analysis, we develop a strategic positioning that conveys the brand’s values, its key audiences and the differentiated elements that would drive choice and preference for the brand.

Brand identity

From a clearly defined brand strategy and positioning, we develop the brand’s verbal identity (including name, tone of voice and personality) as well as its visual identity (including the logotype, color palette, imagery, signage, iconography, photographic language, etc.). These elements must reflect the business and brand strategies, delivering a consistent message to all audiences.

Brand Engagement and Culture

We also help our clients develop and implement a series of engagement activities with key internal and external stakeholders to explain and convey the brand strategy, creating greater involvement and alignment with the organization’s values and objectives. These activities have an important role in enhancing organizational culture and are often developed in cooperation with the human resources and marketing teams. As certified CTT/Barrett Values Centre consultants we can also conduct specific, values-driven cultural transformation work.

Brand Value Assessment and Metrics

Although they are intangible assets, brands can create tangible - and measurable - business value to their owners or managers. Our work seeks to position the brand in the most compelling and competitive way to enhance its unique qualities, thus driving stakeholder choice, preference and recommendation for it, with measurable business performance. We implement metrics that allow our clients to understand how the brand creates value, what kind of and how much value is generated. In other words, how their business asset contributes to the business and how much it is being appreciated over time.

Our Branding services are offered in partnership with specialist Brand Consultancy Alma Mater